13 Reasons Why you should take the Mixably Beta Test

Let's be honest we are working our asses off for you to get turnt everyday in the best music community (not our words, we have the receipts!). So we thought who better than you to help us develop the future of Mixably?

Read the following 13 Reasons Why you should become a Mixably Beta tester, then sign the hell up!

  1. Because you're LIT! -Deep down we know you are a bit of a superstar, and we would love to see you shine inside Mixably.
  2. We Could use help -Beta testing is one of the best ways that we can iron out all the creases in our app.
  3. You will be at the forefront of a new app getting a head start -Fancy being the PewDiePie of the playlist world? Join early and rise with the application until you make it viral. (Yes your playlist can go viral)
  4. Taste the future now -You’ll probably end up downloading Mixably in the future anyway so you might as well get a head start.
  5. You will discover some awesome new songs -With hundreds of playlists posted each day there is no way that you won’t discover some incredible music.
  6. Meet new likeminded people passionate about music -By joining the best music community you will make connections with new people who get hyped to the same tracks as you.
  7. You'll be able to bitch to us about our product -Not only that, we'll listen, and it'll be considered work.
  8. Add it to your CV -The more you add to your CV the better, and adding Beta-Tester to it will only make you look more proactive to tech companies.
  9. Become much, much cooler -When was the last time your pick up line was as cool as "I was part of the development team for this awesome music app"? You won't have to lie to get lucky now (#BowWowchallenge)
  10. Take your playlists to the next level -Become the playlist master, a DJ by any normal standard. Who knows you may even be invited to host some dope parties.
  11. Make proper use of that expensive smartphone -We know how much iPhones cost, make proper use of it instead of just checking Facebook and sending snaps.
  12. To help shape the future of music streaming -Your feedback will directly affect the direction we take our app, and therefore changing the future landscape of music streaming. The power is in your hands (rolling in the deep with Adele on that one).
  13. Because it will be LIT! -We are sure that you will enjoy your time with our app, because it’s pretty sweet.

Still not convinced?

14.You can finally express yourself -You don't need to be a developer for us to value your opinion. You do you boo and that's the best thing we could ask for.

So what are you waiting for?!
^^^^Sign up Here!!!^^^^

Peace & Love