About us

What happens when you combine a highly cool and diverse group of individuals with a deep passion for music and tech? Quite simply: Mixably.
We think that music is in everybody's DNA and that without it the world just wouldn't be the same.

From the very first day our idea has been to enable people to create, share and listen to personalized playlists in a fun and engaging way. And since then - December 2015 - we have become pretty good at it.

Today, lots of users express themselves with a playlist and connect on Mixably. But the truth is: our job has really just begun. There can always be more music, more fun and more people and we plan to get more of everything!

So join us at this lit party, it doesn't matter how - as a playlist creator or a hardcore listener, as a Mixably ambassador, as a kickass team member or as a smart investor - we promise: there'll be cool music.

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