Are playlists the next big thing for dating?


Music and dating have been connected for years. Whether it’s the stereotype of musicians getting all the girls (Gene Simmons we’re looking at you), or the nostalgic image of receiving that all important Mixtape from your significant other. With several dating apps integrating music streaming services, an important question is asked (Check the title if you need reminding).

One of the more prominent non-tinder online dating services, Bumble has recently integrated Spotify for showing your favorite artists on the app. Since June, the month it happened, only a few have written about it . But this is important and those not taking notice will be missing out.


If a picture paints a thousand words and a song inspires millions, then imagine what a playlist in your online dating profile will do. There are two sides to the coin as always though, while your playlist might bring more people your way it could also turn people away. If someone is turned away from you completely because of your music taste then maybe they aren’t worth spending your precious time on anyway.

Can you imagine dating someone with a completely incompatible music taste? Can you imagine being at an Justin Bieber concert when all you want to do is continue rockin’ out with Linkin Park? While it is always good to try out new music, there needs to at least be some sort of common ground. We’ve written about this before in detail, so we’ll be glossing over this but in short; Compatible doesn’t mean the same.

Music can tell a lot about a person, and sometimes just knowing someone isn’t into a certain type of music is enough to make them attractive. Hipsters everywhere (well those on dating services, if they exist) will be drawn to people who listen to music outside of the mainstream. Some people will see a varied music taste as a sign of openness to try new things, if of course that’s what your into. All in all, playlists are a great way to represent you better than you may know how to do it yourself.

Playlists should be a standard feature in all dating apps because apart from telling you about the other person, its a talking point. One of the classic icebreakers at any party when you meet someone is music, so why not on dating apps? There is not better way to do that then a playlist, and there is no better form of playlist than the Mixably playlist, with extra features allowing more of your personality to come through.

Thank you for reading as always, we’d love to know what sort of playlists that you guys would make to represent yourself on dating app. Download Mixably now to practice your playlist skills for the big moment.