Can a music playlist go viral?

*FYI: Every time a playlist is mentioned in this article there will be a Mixably link for it followed by a (YouTube) one if you don't have the app yet (why wouldn't you though?). Enjoy.

Have you ever made a playlist (YouTube) so dope that the entire world needs to hear it. You put up the incredible playlist on your Music Streaming Service (MSS) and await internet fame. But it never comes. Why is that? Let's find out.

What does going viral mean?

Let's be real you all know what viral means. But what does it mean when something has gone viral. Imagine a small snowball on a hill above a village. This is your viral video, as it rolls down the hill, (get's more views) it get's bigger and bigger faster and faster. By the time it reaches the village (Buzzfeed or some other sharing site) it is already a huge presence and everyone will take notice. One village will notify the others then suddenly every village in the world is talking about someone salting a steak... Some of the more well known specimens of going viral are the DamnDaniel Videos, the overly-attached girlfriend meme and even older than that there's PeanutButterJellyTime.

What were the first viral phenomenons?

Technically speaking the first ever forms of viral phenomenons were folktales that were spread slowly over time from person to person. A more relatable way of thinking about the first viral phenomenon is to look at rumours. Surely when you were in school there was that one story about that one person that got spread around that turned out to be completely false. While not the nicest example it is an effective one.

Do you need a platform to go viral?

These days viral videos can get uploaded on to Youtube and if the conditions are favorable they can rack up millions of views within just a few hours. It is hard to imagine but before the introduction of YouTube there were still viral videos on the internet such as the NumaNuma video that was uploaded to in 2004. These 2 internet sensations while on different websites still had a platform with a large user base. The original internet viral sensations were sent by email, examples of these are some of the early chainmails that have since made their way into Facebook comments. Viral videos today are spread often by sites like BuzzFeed, so maybe if you want that breakup playlist to get those views you should send them in ;)

What does it take to go viral?

Trying to figure out what causes something to go viral is extremely difficult because there are so many variables at play. But hey guys we think we have the solution. What would that be you ask? Mixably of course. You need to find people who will listen to your playlist who are looking for that type of thing and there is no place better than our place. So far a playlist hasn't made it viral on the songs alone but with Drake calling his new album a playlist, maybe one has already gone viral. But we know that one of you are going to be able to kickstart the playlist revolution, and Mixably is willing to help you get there.

The Future

Looking to the future of viral content with a more speculative view, it’s interesting to think what will happen once the first playlist goes viral. After this event there will be a huge surge in people who want to create playlists for other people, ‘playlisters’ if you will. Just like any other form a viral media there will be new ‘celebrities’ that will become a prominent force in the direction that playlists take just as how one person on Youtube or Twitch has the ability to influence the rest of it. It might come to the point where playlistsers are so influencial you may get asked to 'playlist a wedding'. So what are you waiting for?!?! Get out there and make as many playlists as you can and soon

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