Can Playlisters become famous?

The concept of fame and celebrities is changing. We’re no longer seeing the same types of celebs that we’re used to. New types of celebrity are emerging from the internet in new and exciting ways that are not only catching on with the youth, but also seeping in to adults alike. Is it possible that some time in the near future playlist curators will be among some of the most famous people on the internet? Guess you’ll have to read on then.

Albums are dead. In fact they’ve been dead for a while. Out of people who stream music, in every category, there is a clear bias to playlists over albums. Music streaming services are all in competition trying to sell you the best playlists around, all of the services have various ways of making these, using a mix of algorithms and people power. The problem is that a human touch isn’t simply enough to create the best playlist possible. The creator needs to be completely human (apologies to cyborgs everywhere).

We’re looking for playlists that normal people have slaved over. Playlists like the ones that Carlos López Casany makes. Overnight Carlos gained an incredibly large amount of followers on Spotify and is now being contacted by the streaming services asking for his expertise (check him out here). It has become serious business. In an article for Pitchfork Mixably user Jonathan Good was quoted saying “I can see a time coming when the playlist creator becomes just as important an element in the process as the artists being featured.” Its time to start remembering these names because they’re about to change the shape of the industry.


But how do you find Carlos, Jonathan and other like-minded folk? In a process similar to trying to find a video on the internet pre-YouTube the only way right now is to Google your way through page after page looking. This is the biggest hurdle that playlist curators have to leap over. So where can you turn to?

Mixably is the answer.

In order for playlisters to have a voice, to gain the recognition they deserve, they need a platform. Somewhere for where people come together to find, listen and share their favorite playlists. They need to be able to communicate with their favorite playlisters and to feel part of something. At Mixably we are creating the foundation of this new movement in music. Just like some the internet stars of Youtube, playlisters are creating their own content out of existing content. Creating something that is more than just a sum of its parts. Watch out for a time, where popular playlisters and famous artists will be the ones saying: “follow me on Mixably”.

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