Intellectual Property Rights

All of our services including but not limited to, The Mixably website, Mixably web-player and Mixably mobile iPhone app are protected by copyright. Properties that are protected are as follows;

  • The “Mixably” logo (cursive title with a gradient font).
  • The “Mood Wheel” concept and functionality(using a circular chart to create mood settings).
  • The “Music Setting Wheel logo” (small circular logo depicting the music setting wheel).
  • The “M” logo (white M from Mixably logo on pink background for use in app icon).
  • The “Mixably” name.
  • Our algorithms are also protected you may not reverse engineer the application to view its source code for use in your own applications.
  • If you post copyrighted material you may be subject to the third party’s laws and any royalties, fees and any other monies owed by reason of the content you posted.