From Artist to Fan

Breaking the fourth wall of music

Music isn’t what it used to be. That much is clear. While big names such as Bieber and Kanye conquer the world stadium by stadium, the ‘rockstar’ as we knew it is dying a slow and painful death. Artists like Bowie, Dylan and Hendrix were all able to transcend the human realm becoming gods among men, a species above mere mortals. With the internet and celebrity news we now see the people behind the facade. Keeping ahead of the curve will reward those who take the risks while staying in the present too long can leave you in the past.

Today music is at our finger tips and it’s easier than ever to access. If artists want to turn their audience into die-hard fans (like Hendrix and such) they need to take a massive leap forward in thinking and continually find new ways to engage their fans. By showing a different side to themselves, artists can connect with fans on a higher level, exposing some of their more personal qualities

For a while, and to some extent still, Twitter has been the go-to place for artists to ramble their innermost thoughts to the world (looking at you Jayden). The issue with sharing words is that they will be torn apart and twisted in ways unforeseen by everyone. One word out of place can ruin someone. Because of this artists will often have entire teams dedicated to running their twitter accounts, blurring the lines between band and brand.

With Twitter pages becoming less of an inside perspective from the artist and more from their PR team how can you possibly reach that personal connection? How can the fan really trust that it’s them? We have gone over how important music can be in social groups (check it out here now if you didn’t at the time) and this is the perfect way to do it. By sharing music other than the artists own you can really get to understand someone without invading their privacy, without succumbing to the paparazzi plague.

How can you easily share your favorite music without specifically endorsing one artist above another? Without questioning the artists loyalty with their label? We at Mixably believe we have the answer with the coolest music innovation since recording music began. By creating your own playlists and sharing them on a platform intelligently designed specifically for this purpose it couldn’t be easier. It lets you add color to your music, images that represent your core musical message. It allows you to say something with a playlist. Unlike junk food, it’s 100% pure organic. Mixably lets you reach your audience and engage with them wholeheartedly.

The possibilities with Mixably are endless, showcase your new single alongside the songs that inspired you to create it in the first place. Show the world the unknown unsung heroes that sparked the musical fire within your heart. Tell a story, why not make a series? Become more than just the singer on the stage. There is no better way to connect with your fans and there is no better place to do it than Mixably.