How Music Playlists Impact Our Daily Lives…

Let's be honest how many music playlists do you have to workout with? to get lit with? or even just chill? There's a playlist for everything!

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We are now spending more time with our headphones plugged in, and music playlists have a more important role than ever before. This has changed the way that we consume music whether you’ve noticed it or not. With music streaming services giving an endless supply, our choices are much larger then they have been. With the ability to create any number of playlists on almost any music player it is possible to tailor a playlist for every single moment, whether you want to turn up with some bangers (Youtube) or just to vibe to something chill (YouTube).

Music on the Brain

There have been studies that show that music can have a profound physical and emotional effect on the listener. Your reaction depends on what your music taste is. When you listen to your favorite music it will create a euphoric reaction regardless of what genre it is. The human mind will also sometimes associate moments and places with a song, whether it reminds you of home or a trip abroad (YouTube).

How music playlists became an essential while…

Working out

When was the last time you went to the gym? Odds are that most of the other people there had headphones in, if not all of them. A workout playlist usually consists of a mid to high speed selection of music that keeps the listener and their heartbeat at a constant pumping rate, dance music is great for this. Another thing that dance music excels in are motivational lyrics, also a big push psychology and can make the difference between not really trying and giving 100%. What is most important is that the music stays at a constant rate and doesn’t stop for slow moments, as these can break your rhythm. A party playlist is likely to be very similar to a workout playlist, with constant pumping music making sure people stay lit.


Commuting playlists (YouTube) are perfect if you make the same journey every day. Tailoring a list of songs that will finish by the time you get to work/school is a great way to listen to music. There is nothing worse than having to stop your favorite song halfway through because you’ve reached your destination. Playlists can make even the most mundane journeys interesting, and will often make time pass faster. Remember the last time you left your headphones at home? It wasn’t great was it? If you are traveling long distances you can use the millions of songs at your fingertips to craft a soundtrack to your journey.


When it comes to doing work for school or for whatever occupation you may hold, there is a fine line between what music is beneficial and what can be detrimental to your performance. Generally speaking it is the best practice for a work playlist to feature songs that don’t have singing or lyrics as they can be distracting. Background music is definitely the better choice for when you’re working and should be kept at a low level to avoid taking too much of your brain power. Not all artists focus on only making music that conforms to these standards, how to solve this issue? Make a playlist of course (YouTube). A constant style is also helpful, the less noticeable the change of song, the less distracting it is. A sleep or meditation playlist is similar to a work playlist by not having many distracting elements and a constant level in which to be lulled into a trance like state.

In the end this really goes to show how much more music is playing in our lives these days. The fact that you can now be listening to music all day from when you wake up to when you sleep shows the prominent role it plays in our culture. Even Drakes new album is a self proclaimed playlist Creating playlists for different aspects of your daily life means that you can spend more time listening to your music list rather than trying to figure out what you’re going to put on next.

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