What makes Mixably Playlists so Special?

What’s the deal with “add song to playlist?” That’s no fun and unimaginative to be honest. We believe there is a better way! Mixably connects the dots. It joins visual, audio and social anchors to fuse your playlists into your brain.

As touched upon in our last article, playlists are the new way we listen to music.
Why do we love them so much? The truth is unless you were born in the early 40’s you’ve been listening to playlists your whole life. Radio hosts with vibrant personalities have been pushing their glorified playlists on us for years, it’s just now we, as internet users, have the technology to do it ourselves. We love the variation of music the same way we love feeding through social media every day.


Flow, cohesiveness and track selection. These are the things that make a playlist truly great. The first song is super important. Mess it up and you’re done! The best opener is usually something well known but not overplayed, something people will love but don’t know it yet. This will make the listener happy, and will open their mind to something totally new and undiscovered. A careful balance of old and new makes the best playlist and you can’t just go from an all out banger to a slow song either. Track arrangement is as important as the songs themselves. Mixably’s Mood Wheel helps sort the track list in exciting new ways allowing the playlist to flow more naturally.

Knowing who your audience is also key. With the current method playlists are shared on streaming services, you barely know your audience. It’s very impersonal. Mixably, however puts everyone on the same level, letting you interact with your audience and really getting to know and understand them. On the radio at least you’ll likely know the name of the presenter, such as Zane Lowe or Chris Moyles, but could you name anyone who made that last Spotify playlist you listened too? Didn’t think so. Once you know your audience you can tailor the song selection specifically for them. A quote from popular playlister Charles Curtis reads “If someone is wanting a playlist from me in an effort to further their own knowledge of music, I’ll probably keep my suggestions within the margins, which is based on what I perceive they’ll enjoy”. For people already in Mixably, the bigger names such as WhatIsSoul, FlyCasual and Gidyin all have resonance. We somewhat know what kind of vibe to expect when we listen to them.

Music has become text, all we see now is title, artist name and album names This is an unpleasant way to look at music. We can do better. Being able to add a cover to your playlist is one of the standout features of Mixably and it may seem relatively simple but the effect it has is lasting. By drawing the connection between image and songs you create an inseparable bond in your head, which makes it incredibly easy to find to your favorite playlists in seconds.

In the end, Mixably is solution to the biggest problem with playlists. Ranging from creating, discovering and remembering them. A new age of music is upon us and we believe Mixably is at the forefront. Thank you as always for reading, check out Mixably here. Read more articles here.